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Honourees 2010

Prayer 2000 and The National Christian Lifetime Awards Council, honoured fourteen (14) lifetime achievers, celebrating the goodness of our God through their lives. "Showing Kindness, Recognizing Faithfulness." (Click on an image to see a larger version of it)

  • Bishop Ira D. Thompson
    Bishop - associated with the Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) and pastors the Bethel United Church, 20 South Camp Road, Kingston 4.He commenced ministry at age 29 and has served for 43 years in ministry in Jamaica. He was ordained in 1960 in Birmingham, England. Bishop Thompson has pastored two churches, Smallheath, Birmingham (England) and Bethel United Church, South Camp Road, Kingston. He founded the Bethel United Church at Six Miles, St. Andrew (1989) and Portmore, St. Catherine (1990). Bishop Thompson held the position of Presiding Bishop of Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic, Organization 1977-2006). He also serves as a Board Member for the Alpha Primary School, He is a founding member of the Jamaica Pentecostal Union (Apostolic). His achievements include the establishment of the Bethel United Basic School in 1973, the Bethel United Project Help in 1977 - an outreach social program to assist the less fortunate in the society and the Bethel United Training Institute (2000) which trains members of the community in housekeeping, hospitality and other skill training in conjunction with Heart Trust/NTA. He is married to Phyllis Doreen and has six children.
  • Bishop Euriel Roy Wood
    Bishop, Overseer and Pastor of Bethlehem Temple, 27 Brunswick Ave, Spanish Town, St. Catherine. He has served 43 years in ministry commencing in 1967 and was ordained in 1970 at Calvary Temple, Kingston. Bishop Wood has pastored the Bethlehem Evangelical Church of Christ for the past 41 years. During his tenure of service he founded seven churches: Calvary Temple, Kingston (1956), Bethel Temple, Guys Hill and Calvary Temple, Linstead (1966), Bethel Temple, Spanish Town (1967), Praise Temple, Spanish Town (1998) and Calvary Temple, St. Thomas (2000). He has been a member of the Jamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches (10 years) and Spanish Town Minister's Fraternal (10 years). He also served as Vice Chairman of the Spanish Town Minister's Fraternal (2 years). This committed servant of God was instrumental in the establishment of Imogene Basic School Early Childhood Education, Brunswick Avenue, Spanish Town and has been a Marriage Officer for many years. He has been married to Hyacinth and their union has produced 3 children.
  • Bishop Robert Godfrey Foster
    Bishop, associated with the Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and in particular his local church - Covenant Mora¬vian Church. Commenced ministry in 1965 at the age of 27 years and was later ordained in ] 966 at the Bethabara Moravian Church in Manchester - 44 years of service to the peo¬ple of God. He obtained a Diploma in Ministerial Stud¬ies from Union Theological Seminary and a Master of sacred Theology from Christian The¬ology Seminary in Indiana, USA. He commenced his working life as a Pub¬lic Health Inspector but later entered fulltime ministry - pastoring several churches in Man-chester, Kingston and St. Andrew, St. James and Grand Cayman. Bishop Foster founded the Portmore Moravian Church and Covenant Moravian Churches in 1979 and the Cayman Church in 1988. Over the years, he has served as Secretary and President of the Provincial Elders' Confer-ence, Board Member of the Jamaica Council of Churches and United Theological College of the West Indies and Chairman of the Bethle¬hem Moravian College and Project Accord. The Redeemer Medical Clinic was found¬ed by Bishop Foster to assist the needy in the North Street area and adjoining communi¬ties. He has shown love to many and served the people of Jamaica well. He has been married to Pauline-Cynthia for 44 years and they have 4 children.
  • Pastor Derek Alvin Bignall
    Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher in the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church - commenced ministry in the year 1965 at the age of 20. He was ordained at the North Street SDA in 1976 and his early ministry started in the East Jamaica Conference of SDA - 45 years of service to the people of God. Pastor Bignall has held several positions in the West Indies Union Conference of Seventh- day Adventists including , Chairman of the Executive. Youth Ministry Director, Executive Secretary -Family Life and is the current President. His reach stretches to Cayman, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos. In the East Jamaica Conference, he was the District Pastor, Deacon, Elder, Education Director, Church Ministries Director, Executive Secretary and President over a 25 year span. Further, he has served as Chairman at Book and Nutrition Centre, Northern Caribbean University (formerly West Indies College) and at Andrews Memorial Hospital. A Church Planter, he has assisted in the establishment of several SDA congregations/ churches including the Seaview Gardens SDA Church. At the National level, he serves as Member of the Board at Mico University College. Internationally, he sits on the Boards of Inter-American Div. Exec and the General Conference Executive.
  • Sister Lola Carey
    Evangelist, Teacher, associated with the Christian Brethren Assemblies and in particular local church - Olivet Gospel Hall. She started ministry as a Good News Club Teacher with the Child Evangelism Fellowship in 1956 and commenced fulltime ministry in the year 1962. She retired from fulltime ministry in 2004 but still serves the body of Christ through her involvement in children's programmes with Jamaica Child Evangelism Fellowship(JCEF) - 48 years of service to the children of God. She received her High School education at Woimer's Girls School and thereafter studied at Jamaica Bible School (1959 -1962) where she obtained a Diploma in Christian Work. Her other scholastic achievements include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from the Jamaica Theological Seminary (1977 - 1979) and Masters degree in Christian Education Ministries from Wheaton College in Illinois, USA (1982 -1984). She was trained as a Leadership Training Instructor at the Child Evangelism Fellowship Int’l (1958) - Children's Ministries Institute, Missouri, USA and is the first Caribbean national to have been so trained. Miss Carey has ministered to thousands of boys and girls: as Sunday School Teacher at Olivet Gospel Hall for 50 years; - as Good News Club Teacher and presenter at devotions at Rose Gordon Prep School for 26 years - as presenter at devotions in various schools all across Jamaica including John Mills Primary School, Peterkin Prep and Quest Prep for over 40 years and has led hundreds to the Lord who are now serving as Pastors, evangelists and ministers. At the National level, she has served as Board Member and Natiqnal Director of the JCEF and as Secretary of Kingston Keswick Council. Internationally, she represented the JCEF as a Member of the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Nations (CEFON) from 1972 - 2004 and is recognized internationally as "Jamaica's Child Evangelist”. She has been a script writer for the JCEF Children's Bible Club Radio Programme since 1969 and was a presenter on the same programme for over 20 years. Her love and passion for God has been transferred to several Sunday School Teachers, Children's workers and volunteers whom she has trained and who now serve the nation of Jamaica "leading children to Christ”.
  • Rev., Dr. Hyacinth Ione Boothe
    Pastor, Teacher and Deaconess of the Meth-odist Church. Dr. Boothe has served in ministry for 50 years commencing at the age of 26 years old and was ordained in 1958 in Barbados. She is sin¬gle. Rev. Dr. Boothe attended The United Theologi-cal Seminary (Ja.), University of Toronto and The University of St. Andrews, Scotland. She served in St. Ann's Bay, Ocho Rios, Brown's Town, Edmonson, Beechamville, Watsonville, Frankfield and Savanna-la-Mar Circuit of Churches. She also taught at both Morant Bay High and St. Andrew High School. Rev. Dr. Boothe is a historic and well-respected figure in the Methodist Church in the Caribbe-an and the Americas, being the first woman to be ordained as a Methodist Minister. Since 1975, she has served as a lecturer at United Theological College of The West Indies. A woman with a passion for ministry who has dedicated her life to the service of God and His people.
  • Pastor Clyde Edwards
    Evangelist, Teacher, associated with the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals and in particular, the Christian Brethren Assemblies - local church - Assembly Hall - commenced ministry at the age of 21 in his native island, Grenada. He later changed his residency to Jamaica and has blessed this nation with his exuberance for the gospel of Christ with particular emphasis on evangelism to children. He was ordained in 1981 and has contributed 50 years of service to the children of God. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Social Sciences from the University of the West Indies and a Diploma in Management Studies from the Jamaica Institute of Management. Before entering ministry, he was enrolled in the Jamaica Defence Force as a Warrant Officer, Class 11. “Uncle Clyde", as he's affectionately called, has held several positions in his local church body including President of Assembly Hall’s Youth Fellowship; Founder/Director of Assembly Hall's Camp and Director of the Corporate Area Youth Camp; Secretary of the Christian Brethren United Fellowship; CEO of Christian Missions and Planning Committee Member of the Christian Brethren Children’s Easter Convention. On the national level, he has been Assistant Director of the Jamaica Child Evangelism Fellowship; Secretary of the National Prayer Breakfast and a Member and Director of the National Centre for Christian Leadership. He has served as Chaplain for the Harbour View Primary School from 1972 to present and has been Chairman of the Boards of Mary Bond Basic School, Faith Clinic Ministries and Gideon Early Childhood Development Centre. Uncle Clyde is widely known for his distinctive voice and-his dramatic mannerisms in story-telling. Thousands of children have been touched by his ministry on RJR’s popular Children's programme - The Children's Bible Club aired on Sundays. Other programmes which have been hosted by him are Vantage Point aired on Love TV and Look at Life aired on RJR on Sunday Mornings. In 1999 he was involved in Samaritan’s Purse, providing gift packages to needy children all over Jamaica. He has been speaker at several children's programmes all over Jamaica and conducts devotions at several schools on a weekly basis. His main area of Ministry in recent times has been Flock Jamaica Limited which is aimed at advancing the Christian Faith and Christian education among children. He has been married to Barbara for 47 years and together they have 3 children.
  • Bishop Wellesly Alonzo Blair
    Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist of The Portmore New Testament Church of God, Bayside, St. Catherine, Bishop Blair is husband to Yvonne Blair. He has been in ministry for 52 years commencing in 1960 and was ordained in 1972 in Jamaica. Bishop Blair a graduate of Bethel Bible College has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Canada Christian College and Doctor of Ministry from European Theological Seminary. He has pastored 11 churches situated across Jamaica, in Bermuda and (US) Virgin Island between 1960 to the present. He was the founder of ten of these churches. Bishop Blair's portfolio includes membership in The National Executive Council where he served as Administrative Bishop (2002-2008). Director of Heart/NTA (2005-2007), Chairman of Fort Augusta Prison Visitor (1990-2006), Chairman of General Penitentiary Chapel (1988). Currently, he is The Director of Glowell Preparatory School, Board Chairman of Naggo Head Primary, Chairman of Portmore Foundation, Chairman of Faith Temple Basic School and Director of Criminal Rehabilitation. Bishop Blair initiated special projects such as Portmore Golden Age Club (1992) and Portmore Family Life Complex (1992) which facilitate programs such as Adult Literacy, Health Clinic and Pharmacy, a Library, Homework Centre, Computer Training, Heart/ NTA Skill Training, a soup Kitchen, Counseling Department and Boys' Mentoring Club. Truly, a dedicated and faithful servant of God who has mentored thousands.
  • Bishop Lesmon R. Graham
    Bishop, National Overseer, Pastor, Missionary - associated with the Church of God of Prophecy- local church - New Kingston Church of God of Prophecy. He commenced Ministry at age 20 and was ordained in 1965 - 53 years of service to the people of God. His high school education was obtained from Kingston Technical High School and Hansworth Technical College (England). Bishop Graham is a qualified Chemical Technologist having attained degrees from University of the West Indies and University of Birmingham. His theological training was obtained at Bible Training Institute and Theological Colleges in England. Whilst in England, he founded 2 churches. He also pastored 2 churches there and in Jamaica, pastored churches at Maxfield Avenue, St Andrew; Pennants in Clarendon and Palmer's Cross, Clarendon. In the Church of God of Prophecy Circuit of Churches he has held positions such as Parish Youth Director and National Overseer and Chairman (Jamaica, Cayman Islands and' England), Member of Review Board for the General Headquarters Committee, USA and Caribbean Missions Representative. He is a regular contributor to the White Wing Messenger - the International publication of the Church of God of Prophecy and the Triumph Magazine, the organization's National publication. Bishop Graham has been a Marriage Officer in the island of Jamaica for several years. His ministry of evangelism is well established in outreach teams all over the island and he still serves as mentor to young ministers. Through his ministry, several pastors and ministers have been born who are now making a tremendous impact on the lives of believers in Jamaica. He has been married to Viola for 47 years and together they have two (2) children.
  • Bishop Silbert Uriah Thomas
    Bishop, Pastor, Teacher, Preacher, Church Planter - associated with the Jamaica Pentecostal Union (Apostolic) and in particular, his local church, Emmanuel Apostolic Church - at which he is now the Bishop Emeritus - commenced ministry in 1955 and was later ordained in 1969 - 55 years of service to the people of God. He is a former Real Estate Broker who left that field to fulltime ministry. He has postered the Kingston (36 years), Port Maria (5 years) and Panton (4 years) branches of Emmanuel Apostolic Church. Bishop Thomas founded the Belmont; Perrine - Miami, FI; Tweedside - Clarendon; August Town and Spanish Town branches of Emmanuel Apostolic Churches. In the Emmanuel Group of Churches, he has held several positions such as Deacon, Elder, Choir Member, Board Member and Presiding Bishop. He has been Chairman of the Group for 36 years and is the Founder and Honorary Board Member for the Mulvina Basic School. Bishop Thomas is also an Honorary Board Member of the Miami branch of Emmanuel Apostolic Church. His involvement in Outreach projects includes the Mulvina White Skills Training Centre which he established to offer dressmaking skills to church members and the community. Bishop Thomas was awarded the National Honour of Order of Distinction in 2002 for service to religion and community. Thousands of persons have come to Christ through his ministry. He was married for 56 years to Annie Joyce, who has pre-deceased him. Their marriage produced 9 children.
  • Pastor Eucevius Mezie Oban
    Pastor, Intercessor and Missionary associated with Teamwork Church - local church - Teamwork Associates, Montego Bay, St. James. He commenced ministry in 1953 at the age of 25 years and was ordained at the Assemblies of God Bible School in Kenley, England - 56 years of service to the people of God. In 1975, he founded the Teamwork Church in Montego Bay, St. James and has been the Pastor ever since. He is Chairman of the Teamwork Trust. He has been a Member of the Board of the International Third World Leaders Association for 10 years. To the service of his communities in Jamaica he was instrumental in the development of the August Town Prison Rehabilitation Centre in August Town, St Andrew which is an outreach ministry into the prison/remand homes for the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners. In obedience to instructions he received from the Holy Spirit in a vision in 1971, he established the Teamwork Associates Christian Centre in Torado Heights, Montego Bay as a Church/School and Retreat/Conference Centre. Other outreach ministries geared at children and the youth have been established under his leadership in the areas of Flower Hill, Flankers, Whitehouse, Ironshore and Coral Gardens in Montego Bay. His ministry has touched the lives of thousands over the years both nationally and internationally. He has been married for 31 years to Winsome and they have 2 children.
  • Minister Velita Mavis Dennis
    Minister, Evangelist and Teacher -local church - Refuge Gospel Hall in Kingston 14. Commenced ministry in the year 1952 at the age of 22 years - ordained as an Evangelist at Ground of Truth, Hayfield St. Thomas and later as a Minister at Refuge Gospel Hall in 2006 - 58 years of service to the people of God. In her local Church, Minister Dennis has held such positions as Evangelist, Secretary to the Church’s Death Fund and the National Youth Adviser for the Glad Tidings Youth Fellowship. Currently, she serves as Co-ordinator of the Ministry Group and the Home and Hospital Prayer Ministries, Director of Refuge Gospel Hall and Member of the Board of the Church Administrative Board. She is a teacher of Sunday School and Convert classes.
  • Dr. Gladstone Fairweather
    Bishop and Overseer of the Lord's Chapel Churches Inc and Lord’s and Fairweather Theological Seminary. His service tenure in ministry is 59 years dating from as early as 1951. Dr. Gladstone Fairweather was ordained in 1981 at Elim Bible Institute (NY, USA), attended the Southern Illinois University and International Seminary, Plymouth Florida and has pastored two churches - Samuel Prospect Lord's Chapel (10 years) and Wakefield Lord’s Chapel (18 years) situated in the parish of Trelawny. In his tenure of service. Dr. Fairweather founded six churches: Samuel Prospect Lord's Chapel in Samuel Prospect, Trelawny (1980), Deeside Lord's Chapel, Deeside, Trelawny (1984), Calabar Lord's Chapel, Rio Bueno, Trelawny (1987), Canaan Lord's Chapel, Dumfries St. James (1988) and Lilliput Lord’s Chapel, Lilliput, St. James (2001). This mighty man of God is the founder of the Lord's and Fairweather Theological Seminary (established in 1984). He served as Chairman of the Samuel Prospect Senior Citizen and Community Association and is also a Justice of The Peace and Marriage Off cer. Husband to Evelyn Fairweather - they have two children.
  • Rev. Hugh Leslie Neil
    Pastor and Teacher associated with the Open Bible Standard of Churches and in particular the Church of the Open Bible. 12 Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20. He is single, and has served the people of God for 65 years from the age of 14. He was ordained in 1958 in the United States of America (USA). Rev. Neil attended Gordon Divinity School, Gordon College, Massachusetts USA as well as Zion Bible Institute, Rhode Island, USA and served as an associate Pastor of the Church of the Open Bible, Washington Boulevard (1967 -2009). He was the Dean of the Open Bible Institute, (1967 - 1999) and Director of Education of the Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica (1971-2003). In his capacity as Dean of the Bible School, he trained numerous persons for ministry from over forty denominations. These persons are now pastoring and ministering in Jamaica, USA, Canada, The United Kingdom and The Caribbean. Rev. Neil has also held the positions of Secre-tary and Vice Chairman of the Jamaica As-sociation of Full Gospel Churches. This faithful leader has dedicated his entire adult life in service to the Kingdom of God.